A story of a boy, his loss, and help from an unexpected source

The Calendar

The Calendar is a change of pace from Rod's espionage thrillers. If your interested in faith-based drama about life and its challenges, the The Calendar is for you.


In rural Texas in the 1950s, eight-year-old Toby Anderson faces an unimaginable loss. It's a matter of such brutality that it could irreparably damage the young life that has had to face evil at too early an age. Elderly Reverend Ezekiel Taylor feels the pain of the tragedy as intensely as the boy and desperately needs to be of help as much as Toby requires it.

Fully aware that the child's own happiness and well-being might well hang in the balance, Taylor gives the boy a unique gift in the hopes that, in learning its lessons, Toby will find the answers and faith to deal with his heartbreak.

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