Overthrow of a Major Government?

Reader Steve finished Half of Faith and asked if I really thought a relatively small group of people could topple a government such as that of the Royal Family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the critical elements of HoF’s backstory. I would only point to the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran, upon which my scenario is loosely based. The full story is easily researched, if you’re that interested, but here are a few points that I pulled from that actual event. Iran was prosperous at the time, so no financial basis for the revolt. The overthrow was virtually bloodless. There was no war for control. The people of Iran simply rebelled against a secular, pro-West government to replace it with one with a basis of Guardianship of Islamic Jurists. Voila, the real-life rebellion upon which the inception of the Holy Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia in HoF is based.